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How to unlock Nokia Phones

1 – Switch ON your phone without SIM Card
2 – Compose #PW+YOURCODEHERE+1# or Compose #PW+YOURCODEHERE+7#

The letter P appear after press 3 times quickly the button star ( * )
The letter W appear after press 4 times quickly the button star ( * )
The letter + appear after press 2 times quickly the button star ( * )


How to Unlock LG Phones

Switch ON the phone without SIM Card

Press the “CellPhone” icon at the bottom of the screen to show the keypad

You will need to find out what model number the LG phone is .. if its a E435

Enter 2945#*435#   then NCK code

If its a E420 use 2945#*420#, or E426 use 2945#*426#

Select Network Lock and enter the NCK code


How to unlock ZTE

Some models you just insert a non allowed sim card, turn on and enter the unlock code provided.

Other models like the Telstra T126 Cruise you will have to remove the sim card and type *983*865625#   to get the unlock menu.

If the above does not work try ###825*09# or *983*8284#

Insert the Telstra sim, go to menu>settings>security>unlock network and then enter unlock code